Quality - Safety - Environment

Quality, safety and environment policy

August 01st, 2016

To all our staff members.

The continuous development of P.M.T. RIBBONS Srl and the important job relations with our customers, were the reason to start a professional growth together with a quality, safety and environment integrated system.

Carrying out this system P.M.T. RIBBONS Srl would combine professionalism, efficiency and product quality, features that distinguished P.M.T. for years, and the respect of the law in force concerning environment and safety.
With this engagement it is our purpose to reach the following goal:

  • To reduce, recycle the using material and the production scrap;
  • To prevent possible pollution sources during every activities;
  • To improve the market position looking for new product typology and checking the existing one;
  • To keep continuous relationship with the customers, acknowledging their needs, fully satisfying their demands and solving the submitted problems;
  • To better use the company human resources concerning environment, with a careful use of the energetic sources and using raw materials with a low environmental impact;
  • To remove any no-conformity, checking the processing works;
  • To involve the personnel and all team members in the company growth, informing them of the environmental protection problems;
  • To check the security standards and the workmen health;
  • To inform about the Quality, Safety and Environment Policy, making it available for everyone.

The management, with this policy, will engage itself to check the suitability every year with the aim to gain the above mentioned purposes and to improve them.
Only with the engagement of everyone we will obtain the planned goal.

Giuliano Todeschini