• QUOTATION: free of charge, inspection on demand;
  • DESIGNING AND CARRYING OUT OF PLANT/MACHINERY: in accordance with the requirements and in collaboration with the customer, using a bidimensional and tridimensional mechanical planning software;
  • CONSTRUCTION: supported by qualified workers ,specialized in different welding techniques, applying the process with method and checking the efficiency of welding joints: process qualification, welding metallurgy, no-destructive welding control etc.;
  • ERECTION: plants, machines, mechanical parts and carpentry both in our premises and at the customer site;
  • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: on the machine or at worksite;
  • TESTING: with the customer supervision;
  • AGENCY for the italian market of NRT-Thailand, a company which produces talcum or silicone rubber thread, in several gauges and thread number, for elastic ribbons and belts.

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P.M.T. RIBBONS Srl Via Istria, 29 24059 URGNANO (BG) - ITALY P.IVA e C.F. 02362420164